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These Are The Cars That Will Carry You To Valhalla

These Are The Cars That Will Carry You To Valhalla

Unfortunately, few of us are likely to live forever. But with that fact of life in mind, we can all try to live a little with the time we have. This morning, we asked for the cars that you’d want to see out your last days in, and you gave us some responses from across all walks of automotive life. Let’s dive in.

A Third-Generation Toyota Camry

Long after civilization has fallen to plague, nuclear wars, anthropogenic climate catastrophe, water shortages, and desertification — there will be one thing left. These goddamn cars.

When future civilizations are exploring our planet, I want them to come upon a fossil record, perfectly preserved, the soap bar lines and “mouse fur” spartan interior. Inside this car they will find me, dressed head to toe in a track suit, with a Sony Walkman loaded up with Dr. Dre’s 2001.

Something Easy On Aging Joints

Remember the era of boxy youth-focused cars about a decade ago? Turns out older buyers loved those squared-off compact CUVs. They looked like young-people cars, but were easy to get in and out of with aching, aging joints. As long as you didn’t mind putting up with the hamsters, they made for great old-person cars.

A 1969 Dodge Charger

If you’ve already got your dream car, why change? Carry on with the chassis you love, and give it (and yourself) a Viking funeral to top things off. Qin Shi Huang may have his terracotta soldiers, but you’ll have a roaring V8. Who really has the better afterlife?

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